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When I met Freya Thurmer last year summer at the Worthington Farmers Market, I could tell she had a real passion for fresh, local food! We instantly connected in talking about locally grown, whole food. When I met her husband Tim, a week or so later, it was obvious they both have a passion for growing quality food. They had some of the best salad greens and kale I have ever tasted and for the first time in my life I tried a lemon cucumber. It was so delicious and even better it was grown just down the road near Jackson, MN.


Recently on a cold winter day, when Freya told me about their new endeavor 10 Acres Flat, I was ecstatic! Aww, the thought of fresh, local produce in the dead of winter is such a pleasant thought. I am so excited that we now have a farm share program in the local area. On the 10 Acres Flat website, the Thurmer’s describe their business as follows, “A farm share is also commonly known as community-supported or community-shared agriculture (CSA). When you buy a subscription from 10 Acres Flat it’s just like a subscription to the Sunday Times or Newsweek, but instead of receiving a magazine each week, you receive a box (share) of locally grown fruits, vegetables and other fresh farm goods (eggs, dairy products, meat, etc.).”


We took time Tuesday, to enjoy a cup of coffee at the local coffeehouse (BenLee’s in Worthington) and talk about local food and the Thurmers “Midwest Farm Revival.” The time went way too fast.

Freya relocated all the way from the mountains of Idaho to the prairie of Jackson, MN, for love. She previously taught agriculture and FFA and managed the University of Idaho’s organic farm. The Thurmer’s currently live on Tim’s family Century farm in southwest Minnesota.

“I love growing food. Everybody wants to do something they love and I am lucky enough to be able to do it,” she said. “It is important for me and my family to get food grown locally because it’s more nutritious, it tastes better and it supports the local economy.”

Being a part of a CSA, gives people the opportunity to experience varieties of fresh produce they have never tried before (kind of like the lemon cucumbers I fell in love with at the farmers market last year). Freya talked of tomatoes as being a good example of a crop that offers a wide variety. There are many heirloom varieties and a small scale farm can produce more options.


“What I like about a CSA is developing relationships with people. You get to know the people eating your food and you have a greater sense of ownership of what you are putting in to your body,” Freya explained.

“Personally I feel the issues we see in children like ADD/ADHD is attributed to diet. The amount of sugar and processed foods in our diets have led to attention disorders and food allergies. The way we process the food and what is in it is making us very unhealthy. Why would you choose a food item with artificial dyes and preservatives when you can get food without it?”

Not only does Freya plan to supply people with quality, local food, she also plans to give people helpful information about the food they are eating. She will provide recipes for specific foods that are being delivered and she will also give instructions on how to preserve foods to store throughout the year. In the future she also plans to offer canning and food preservation classes at the Thurmer farm.

The Thurmers have committed to delivering farm shares to customers from Fairmont to Worthington. People interested in purchasing a farm share can check out 10 Acres Flat website or Facebook page. It is easy to get signed up and be sure not to miss the out on this great opportunity to get a variety of locally produced goods delivered for about 20 weeks May through October. Now remember, if you are interested contact them while there are still shares available. They need to know who wants to buy a share (or a half share) so they can plant the right amount of produce. So let them know soon because planting season is just around the corner!

3 thoughts on “Fresh food delivered locally”

  1. The concept of a CSA is catching on like wild fire across the US, probably because once our bodies get a chance to taste whole foods again it knows it needs more! It’s very exciting to have a local vendor out-state as we are. Thanks for promoting their efforts Amanda! Although we garden extensively ourselves, I will make sure to pass along this information to those who don’t and will make a serious effort to get to know Freya and Tim during this upcoming summer’s farmer’s market. It’s exciting to hear about like minded people in your back yard!

  2. Great post! Thank you for sharing this and educating me on this great opportunity :) I had a few questions, and I emailed 10 Acre Flat. Freya got back to me right away and was able to answer my questions. Now… I just have to get the husband on board and we’ll be enjoying bountiful baskets of product all spring, summer and fall!!!

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