Wellspring Devotion, Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014



Matthew 4:4-But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Have you ever had a time where a song just speaks to you loud and dear? You get it stuck in your head and just keep singing it over and over. Several weeks ago that happened to me as I was listening to a CD that was given to me by friends. It is filled with upbeat, bluegrass style gospel music. And the song “I think I’ll Read it Again” came on. I have listened to the CD several times before but this song just jumped out at me and I think I listened to it 10 times or maybe more that day while I was driving. And I have listened to it at least twice almost every day since then. I love the Southern Gospel sound of this song sang by Gold City Quartet and the words are just awesome.

Sometimes I get so tangled up in those blessed pages

How I’m gonna rest forever in the Rock of Ages

How I’m gonna live and sing and shout a million years,

And hear Him say, “You’ve made it home, Here’s a crown of life to call your own”

Think I’ll read it again and let it bless my soul.

I think I’ll read it again and see how high I can fly.

I think I’ll read it again and let it bless my soul 

Sometimes when we are reading the Bible it can seem dry and it is easy to get busy and not make time for reading it like we should but as the song says, God’s word is meant to bless us and encourage us to live for Him in this troubled world. When Jesus was tempted by Satan in the Bible He replied, “It is written.” Jesus, God’s own son looked to the Word of God for guidance, truth and strength. We must take Jesus’ example to heart and read the scriptures so we know them and are prepared with God’s truth and grace when we are tempted by the devil.

As some of you know I am reading the Bible chronologically in a year. And to be honest as I write this devotion I am about a month behind on my reading schedule. Yes, as I said earlier it is easy to get busy and not spend time in the Word. It is like this song is speaking right to me, encouraging me to keep reading each day. I think I will keep listening to this song each day as I continue to make progress in my Bible reading plan. If there is an area where you could use some extra help, I encourage you to find a song that speaks to you and reminds you of God’s gracious love. Listen to it often and keep your mind filled with positive thoughts!

Prayer for the week: Dear God, Guide us as we dig into your Word and try our best to live it out in our life. Let the Bible bless our soul and encourage us to love one another like you first loved us. Help us to stay focused on your Word and truth so that we can be a light to others. Thank you for giving us this wonderful book that we can read over and over again as we go throughout life. In your name we pray, Amen.

Discussion questions:

Do you have a favorite hymn or Christian song that you listen to when times get tough?

Any strategies or tips you use to help you keep up with reading the Bible?